Afghan hound mix (Bronson)

This is a EXTREMELY hard choice for our family so we will be very serious in finding her a good home, she will not just go to anyone!

We have a gorgeous and wild girl, she’s a 2yr old white female And her dad was a purebred Afghan hound while her mom was a purebred Great Pyrenees. Her name is Bella, she takes more after her father in looks and body structure. She’s very tall, thin and extremely FAST. She loves to run! Bella has an amazing disposition, she adores kids and gets along with other dogs. She can be assertive if a dog she doesn’t know comes into her territory (that trait comes from her mother)
Also her coat is not as hard to manage as a purebred afghan but it’s definitely unique

Bella is highly intelligent, she can be an escape artist. She won’t go far and usually gets back in the yard, however we have gotten calls from the neighbors about her being in their pool or causing trouble. To be honest, that’s not why we made the decision to find her a home . She doesn’t get out often and half the time gets back in before we even figure it out however, she got into a neighbor yard and one of the people staying there pulled a gun on her. We would be devastated if something horrible happened to her so we have had to keep her locked up since that day. It’s just not fair to her

Feel free to ask any questions, yes there is a rehoming fee and we would feel more at ease with vet references. We are is NO rush to do what’s best for her, feel free to set up a playdate to meet her.

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